Mime Works

Silence Sometimes Speaks Loudest

Enhance your event

Empower the message

Mimeworks are committed to creating surprise, laughter & amusement.

Empowering the message & purpose of your event.

 MimeWorks’s superlative International team of performers work in all situations of Corporate Entertainment.

The approach transcends language barriers and provides an intriguing opportunity to view the Event/Service/Product in an original context.

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Corporate Services

Select from our range of characters & situational options.

Mix & Match as you choose.

Customized characters are a fun option.

Ideal for energising Exhibitions, Conferences & Roadshows.

Designed Still Life Statue Performers to add color & interest to your event.

Award winning Performers.

An excellent addition to either Meet & Greet or Bespoke Production

Bespoke Projects

We create events & presentations tuned to your intuitive message and its context.

The option to customize & combine the current roster of unique & original characters at your discretion.

Town Hall Conferences and Business to Customer (B2C).

Working with you to understand your requirements and creating accordingly.

Ideal for all Promotional Events: Exhibitions, Corporate Conferences, Town Halls (B2B), Live Events, Roadshows, Multi-Media Marketing Communications.

Challenge Us!

Working With Us

Business to Business (B2B).

Successfully working internationally with many organisations in multiple contexts in the UK, Europe, The Middle East USA.

Festival Organizers, Party Planners, Trade Shows, PR Production Companies have all benefitted from our contribution.

We have a flexible approach to cover a wide range of budgets.

Our Success is Your Success.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch.