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Brendan Stapleton, Director, Producer, Performer Mime Specialist 

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Mime Specialist – Prosthetics (see showreel)

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International Mime Specialist
Multi Media
World Living Statues
International Art Installations
International Theatre
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Includes first blue-screen commercials produced outside the USA

Brendan Stapleton plays all three Gorilla characters for the TCF Bank, Chicago USA.

International Mime Specialist

Experienced in the Choreography Direction of Prosthetic based teams

'Peski Bears' Canadian TV Costumes: Bob Saunders

CREDIT: Commercial Directed by John Wright of Spitting Image

Advert for “Pot Noodle” performed with Ailsa Berk (Head of Movement, Dr Who Franchise).

CREDIT: International Performance Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Brendan Stapleton starred as ‘Shiny’ for cleaning brand ‘Jiff’

The characters devised, created & performed: ‘Shiny’ & ‘Sparkly’  

Excellent Comedy Mime Performances

CREDIT: Tarzan & The Lost City (IMDb)

Co-ordinator for Ape-Movement Choreography

He was personally headhunted by Image Animations to choreograph the Ape movement in the feature Film ‘Tarzan and the Lost City’ (Greystokes II).

He was personally headhunted by Image Animations to choreograph the Ape movement in the feature Film ‘Tarzan and the Lost City’ (Greystokes II).

Starring alongside Casper Van Dein, Jane Marsh and Steven Waddington.

Brendan Co-ordinated and Choreographed in South Africa 1997.

Performing as “Red Eyes”,  the protagonist of Tarzan, the Physical Theatre Animatronics expressed  the intention of the scenes.

Working as an integral part of the Production Team  to ensure optimal effectiveness of the Animatronics

He featured as all three Character Gorillas in the first Blue Screen Commercial made in the UK and Europe .

CREDIT: BBC - "The Chronicles of Narnia"

Brendan Stapleton was personally invited to play the role of the heroic lion,  ‘Aslan’ in the BBC’s globally acclaimed  “Chronicles of Narnia”.

Episode 5: “Prince Caspian & The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”

Featured pictures taken in the BBC’s famous Blue Peter Garden


Brendan Stapleton – multi-faceted performance artist.

‘Overdose’ by Blossom Hill playing The Devil & Harlequin Macabre characters.

The  Keystone Detective film short. The Keystone Cop comedy character .

Improvisation leading to performance in video.

Crisis PhotoShoot

Christmas Photo-shoot for the charity 'Crisis'

Mime Artist Promotes Quiet Travel

"Silence was golden when Mime Artist Brendan Stapleton crept into Kings Cross to help launch Great North Eastern Railway's New Quiet Coaches".

Silent seats in designated do not disturb Coaches


Birmingham's Sellout Success

The Harp News , November 2016

CAISC 16 is a contemporary take on commemorating the Irish Easter Rising 1916 was a huge hit shifting from 1916 Dublin to present day Birmingham.
Written and Directed by Anna McKiernan and Produced by the Birmingham Irish Association Starring Brendan Stapleton.

Sent: 25 October 2016 

Hi Brendan,

” You were an absolute star! ……I am so happy you played that part, what a brilliant performance.”



Melissa Roach Project Manager at Birmingham’s Irish Culture  Sport and Heritage commented  on everyone involved being proud of their Irish Heritage.

World Living Statues

Designed Still Life Statue Performance.

Award winning Performers.

Bespoke Productions.

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Hi Brendan,

I’ve attached the two pics of you as Rembrandt – before & after retouching.

Amazing how much you look like him!

The story did really well, including this – The Mail Online

Thanks so much for being involved with the project.

Kate Bailey, Account Manager, Taylor Herring Ltd.


Brendan Stapleton as 'The Turbinator'. PowerG-Max Ranger for the Corporate Market.
Brendan & Jan Arden: 'Man Machine' - Video

Brendan Stapleton is one of the World’s leading mime artists and one of the leading exponents of the Art of Performance Robotics. 

He studied Dance Theatre at the Laban Centre (Trinity Laban). He Trained in Physical Mime Theatre with Desmond Jones, Daniel Stein, Monica Pagneux, and the International French company Theatre Du Mouvement. 

He has worked with Mega Producer Mark Ronson as a Robot Dancer on the video ‘Just’ and was the Mime Demonstrator on Big Brother 9.

American Express

In the 1980s he starred as the Robot Businessman in the American Express Commercial made for the United States

TV Advert: Amstrad


Robot with the ‘exploding’ head



Volvo: "Crash Test Dummy"

Brendan also trained in Robotics, the ‘Dummy’ who made the Iconic Volvo Commercial in the ’90s.

RU1 and RU1-2: Robots for the Corporate Market

Robot Character - QT1.

A spoof C3PO of Star Wars fame for Cyprus Television.

Green Screen experience includes ‘This Morning Television’ performing Pantomime.

Endemol has also employed Brendan as Mime teacher on the Reality Sleep-deprivation TV Show ‘Shattered’.

He will have been seen on ‘Coleen’s Real Women’ for ITV 2 as the Mime Co-ordinator Consultant.

Brendan Stapleton was the BBC’s Mime-in-Residence. He was interviewed by Graham Boydon about the legacy of Marcel Marceau and Mime for BBC Radio Oxford.


Choreographer Brendan Stapleton encompasses great diversity.

As a Movement Consultant he has contributed extensively to creating devised productions in the Corporate Arena.

Persevered Text

Brendan Stapleton, Choreographer in collaboration with Contemporary Dancer Claude St Arrowman.

Installation: Are You Experienced?

Britain’s first “interactive installation” was a Contemporary Dance Multi-Media Production.

This was a collaborative, immersive choreographical project by Brendan Stapleton.

Premiered at Subterrania, London

Brendan Stapleton Robotic/Mime Consultant on the staged choreography on this production.

‘Indecent  Exposure’ a ‘House of Fetish’ project with the International Production Company ‘Torture Garden’.



Devised shows for Corporate Events & Festivals 

This is where his vast experience training in Dance, Mime, Acting &  Physical Theatre has proven amazingly successful. 

Ape Co-ordinator in the feature film – Tarzan & The Lost City, working with Image Animations distributed by Village Roadshow.

Companies he has directed also include the Robotic Mime group ‘Man Machine’, ‘Dummy Dudes’, ‘MimeScape’, and the inventive Mime/Dance Cabaret Act ‘The Mimetics

He was a Creative Director for ‘Mimescope’ (Physicality) and also created ‘The Company of Cranks’ to explore the boundaries of physical theatre.


The Art of Performance

The ideas created in a production are researched, notes taken as inspiration for future projects. 

Ideas are captured, distilled and then re-expressed in new formats.

He was sent by the British Council as their representative to the International Dramaturgy Forum in Zagreb 1992. 

Brendan Stapleton is a founder member of the British Association of Choreographers and a member of Equity’s Choreographer and Variety Committees.

Brendan has also worked extensively bringing Dance & Choreography to The Visually Impaired & Deaf Communities.

He was involved with an international collaboration between Very Special Arts (USA) & The Royal Ballet Educational Unit (Royal Opera House).

Brendan’s in-depth experience knowledge allows him to capture the essence of a project to apply with instinct originality to be grasped.

'These Associations'​

Project held at the Tate Modern 2012 for THE CULTURAL OLYMPIAD – concurrent with The London Olympic Games

International Choreographer -Tino Sehgal

Participants were internationally diverse with Brendan Stapleton amongst others.

Shortlisted for “The Turner Prize” 2013

Thus making Brendan Stapleton amongst others an ‘Art Object’

Award: Health Safety Performance Certificate

Brendan Stapleton has been awarded the Health  Safety Performance Certificate from the British Actors Equity Association (Equity)

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