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 designed to Intrigue, Entertain & Communicate. 

Domestic & International Festivals

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The Press Gang
French Classical Mime
The Jumblies
Holmes & Watson
'Great Scott!' -The Explorers​
Commedia Dell'arte
Action Replay
The Turbinator
Santa Claus Experience
The Comedy Waiters
Film & Television Network
Designer Living Statues
Themed Events

Santa Claus

Elf "Big-Nose" & Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Contact Us to book your Christmas Festivities.

The Santa Claus Experience will be tuned to your situation & requirements.

Santa Clause
Elf "Big Nose" & Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Still Life - Designer Living Statues

Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson

Brendan Stapleton with Miss Alice Tripp – last surviving direct descendent of Lord Nelson

Rembrandt as Rembrandt (self portrait)

Using digital manipulation, classic paintings were transformed to reveal what the subjects would have looked like if they were taken as a photograph in real life.

This art project selected performers to celebrate some of the most famous painters in history.

Brendan Stapleton as the self portait of Rembrandt. Recreated using digital manipulation to celebrate “Raiders of the Lost Art” airing on the TV Channel Yesterday.

Leading digital artist Quentin Devine was fascinated by the project and impressed at the skill of the performer to represent this iconic artwork.

Brendan Stapleton’s Rembrandt,  was personally invited to participate in the World Living Statues Festival, 2022

Themed Events

Multiple costumes & bespoke characters provide amazing entertainment at your events.

Channel 4: How Clean is Your House

'Action Replay' - Good Sports

These wonderfully choreographed characters will shine a light on your festival with comic timing & characterized, superlative movement.

All characters are bespoke to the specific festival aims.

The Soccer Fooligans

Pictures for reference use only.

The Jumblies

The John Bull characters are reminiscent of the Great British Tradition of political intrigue & comment.

Brendan and The Queens

Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Watson



Crimes to be solved.

“Elementary my dear Watson.”

Ideal for outdoor festivals & competitions.

Commedia dell'arte

A celebration of the great European, Italian Tradition of “Commedia”.

See out blog post : The Influence of Commedia dell’arte


Comedy "Crazy" Waiters

This terrific twosome will bring mayhem, confusion & laughter to enlighten your event with superlative clownage.

French Classical Mime


In the style of the great classical mime artists Marcel Marceau.

Brendan Stapleton is Marcel the Mime.

Captain TikTok
Captain TikTok

'Great Scott!' -The Explorers

These intrepid characters go where no man has gone before.

They were an integral part of the team that were the “Best Entertainment in the United Arab Emirates”  2007.

Ski Dubai, 2007


These zany characters bring delight to your event.

Man/Machine Video

PowerG Max - Raider

Inter-Galactic Super-Hero at which you will Marvel.

Toyota "Corolla" Car Launch, Al Futtaim Motors, Press Launch Dubai 2007
Toyota "Corolla" Car Launch, Al Futtaim Motors. Press Launch Dubai 2007
'The Turbinator' out in the wild

Film & Network Television

Brendan Stapleton has worked extensively in Feature Film, Commercials, Videos, Apps, Television Network

These multi-faceted roles include: Director, Choreographer, Ape Co-ordinator & Performer.

'The Press Gang'

Authentic 'Fake' Paparazzi


Real Professional pictures taken at your event!

Brendan Stapleton and Chas Wilshire are the ‘Digital Divas’. 

They are Authentic Fake Papparazzi!

Digital Diva, Bendan Stapleton, has worked in all aspects of Theatre. this includes film, Television, Opera, Pantomime and Street Theatre Festivals.

Their work, at home and abroad, includes some of the most famous clients in the World.

Working extensively in the Corporate Market, this wide experience, mixed with superlative artistry, creates great comic timing.

The physical, interactive comedy embelishes proceedings with buffoonery and magnificent intuitive performance.

The uplifting tone is for the enjoyment of everyone.

Bringing together photography entertainment.